1. Coach Holmquist

    Coach Holmquist: The Man Behind the Wins

    A look behind the scenes at Biola's record-setting men's basketball coach David Holmquist.

    By Conner Penfold

  2. Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

    OCC: Off-Campus Cooks - When college kids go culinary

    It’s a typical Monday afternoon. Students hurriedly make their way into the Caf, ID cards in hand, desperate to satisfy their ravenous appetites as they grab lunch between a mess of classes. Whether they have less than ten minutes or a full hour, most students take advantage of the plethora of food options the Caf has to offer.

    By Pauline Balmas

  3. Unusual Transitions

    Roads Less Traveled

    Students at private, Christian universities are typically expected to fit a specific mold. The prevailing assumption is that they are raised in church-going families and sheltered from the barrage of secular culture. They are often labeled as “good kids” with little real-world experience.

    By Rebecca Nakashima

  4. Fashionable

    Coast-to-Coast Fashion: Student styles from across the nation

    Biola sophomore Madison Krueger was walking into class when a girl stopped her mid-stride to compliment her outfit. Another girl, pointing to Krueger’s sweater asked, “Where do you get your style ideas from? You’re always dressed so stylishly!” Krueger shrugged and replied, “I’m from Washington; I just shop at the local stores.”

    By Cassandra Gonzales

  5. Adultery

    Unfaithful: Confronting adultery in Christian families

    “I remember when I was in kindergarten, and I had a friend whose parents had broken up,” says Sarah,* a sophomore. “I asked my mom if she and my dad would ever get a divorce, and of course she said no. It was so surprising because they both loved God — they still do. Neither of them expected it to happen.”

    By Claire Callaway

  6. Ford 2

    Cars with Character: Climb into the passenger seat for a ride in Biola's coolest vehicles

    Climb into the passenger seat for a ride in Biola’s coolest vehicles.

    By Kelsey Osterman

  7. art therapy

    Beyond the Gallery

    The art world can often seem exclusive, reserved only for high-class galleries and museums. There are those, however, who have set out to give art a practical function among the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged. These champions of culture use beauty and expression to inspire hope in the otherwise hopeless and downtrodden.

    By Candace Arce-Lindsay

  8. Weathers

    Making Disciples of All Majors

    In 1959, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles moved from its bustling downtown location to a quiet plot of land dotted with olive trees. That same year, the school broadened its academic offerings from evangelism and Bible training to a full-fledged liberal arts curriculum, obtained accreditation, and was officially renamed Biola College. Fifty years later, Biola has grown into a university comprising seven schools and 37 undergraduate majors ranging from philosophy to kinesiology.

    By Bethany Miller

  9. Point Staff 1

    Editor's Note: Fall 2011

    Like many other imaginative, nature-loving kids, there was a time in my childhood when my greatest dream was to have my very own treehouse. Yet I didn’t want just any treehouse; my arboreal residence was a veritable mansion in the sky, a castle in the leafy canopy. I spent rainy days scribbling blueprints on scrap paper, drawing a spiral staircase here, a rope ladder there and trapdoors everywhere. Each multi-level floor plan was more preposterous than the one before, but I was blissfully unaware that my dreams were so implausible.

    By Kelsey Osterman

  10. Competitive Gaming 8

    Power Up: Taking video games to a whole new level

    Competition among humans is nothing new, but the medium through which we display our drive for domination is constantly evolving. In the workplace, on the field, tearing up the dance floor, we relish the chance to show off our skills and defeat any challengers. Yet this modern, technological age is beginning to witness the rise of a new arena for competition: major league video gaming. Moreover, gaming at a professional level is more than just an outlet for people to burn off steam or validate themselves with fame and fortune. It’s a full-fledged community, and one that affects lives in surprisingly meaningful ways.

    By Daniel Vera