1. Editors note diaz

    Editor's Note: Fall 2012

    What do pink balloons, dreams about Disneyland and flying have in common? Read more about the theme of our fall issue!

    By Patricia Diaz

  2. politics 2012

    A Faith-full Ballot: How Does Biola Vote?

    It's an election year, and the Point explores the relationship between politics, Christianity and making your vote count.

    By Ethan Froelich

  3. Top 5 illustration

    Top Five Ethnic Eateries

    In a culinary rut? The Point brings you 5 cuisines to try and where to find their best flavors in the LA area.

    By Candace Arce-Lindsay

  4. Tuition

    Friend$hip: Tackling Tuition as a Community

    When money got tight, these Biola students discovered the true depths of their friendships.

    By Alyssa Alvarez

  5. Top 10 illustration

    Top Ten Music Venues

    The Point brings you the top 10 places to catch some live music near Biola on a student budget.

    By Amy Ortega

  6. chastity panel

    The Talk: Addressing Chastity from a Biblical Perspective

    The Point sits down with a panel to explore the topic of chastity.

    By Cassandra Gonzales

  7. Language barrier

    Lost in Translation

    A Biola student shares about the language barrier within her own family.

    By Claire Callaway

  8. Music Prof Larson

    Teaching to a Different Tune

    The Point sits down with two Biola professors to explore the music that influences their teaching.

    By Michelle Hong

  9. Music composition 2

    A Beautiful Arrangement: Behind Music Composition at Biola

    Inside Biola's Crowell Hall of Music, student composers are following their dreams, one note at a time.

    By Kristi Yumen

  10. MLB 1

    Extra Innings: Biola Pitchers Pursue Pro Baseball

    Get the scoop on two Eagle's pitchers who are pursuing professional baseball careers.

    By Ashley Shafer