1. Wedding to follow

    A Wedding to Follow

    The Point takes a look at the ring by spring phenomenon from the guy's perspective.

    By Ian Mayta

  2. Bike trails 17

    The Trail to a Two-Wheeled Community

    Writer Ethan Froelich takes to the nearby bike trail and gives us a glimpse into the thriving bike community on campus and off.

    By Ethan Froelich

  3. Bike trails 7

    Biking Essentials: What to Take

    When you're ready to hit the bike trail, don't forget these key items to make your ride a success.

    By Ethan Froelich

  4. 99 things

    99 Things to do at Biola

    Don't graduate without checking these things off your college bucket list!

    By Alyssa Alvarez

  5. S13 FIlm Piece

    Cinematically Speaking: The Influence of Cinema on Modern Life

    The Point explores the history of motion pictures and the profound influence of cinema on our lives.

    By Caleb Wheeler

  6. Road Trip 12

    Spring Break Point Style

    We have the songs and shows that will get you through this Spring Break, courtesy of our staff.

    By Point Staff

  7. Road Trip 11

    Design Your Own Road Trip

    Want to take your very own Point inspired road trip? Here's what you'll need to know.

    By Point Staff

  8. Road trip 2

    "My Car Smells Like Onions"

    Journey up the coast of California with the Point on our road trip this semester!

    By Ethan Froelich

  9. Adjunct Faculty: Wegter

    The Secret Lives of Adjunct Professors

    The Point spotlights some of those hidden professors on campus - and the inside scoop on their secret lives.

    By Sarah Huffman

  10. 13 themes 2

    13 Themes for 2013

    Check out these fun suggestions for your New Year's Resolution List!

    By Kahlie Colwell