1. Outrunning My Shame3

    Outrunning My Shame

    Track athlete, Tayllor Lemphers, shares her powerful story of her journey to see herself as Christ does: valued, worthy and enough.

    By Tayllor Lemphers

  2. Hello, My Name is ESFJ

    Hello, My Name is ESFJ

    Personality tests are meant to act as useful tools for our relationships and career choices, but they aren't supposed to completely define who we are.

    By Heather Pape

  3. Patricia Diaz Editor S13

    Editor's Note: Spring 2013

    Time passes and there isn't anything we can do to stop it. But we can learn to live well because of it. Find out more about why we chose "Timeline" as the theme of this issue.

    By Patricia Diaz

  4. Techspectations 5

    Tech-spectations: Living Up to the Digital Standard

    As technology advances, so do the expectations of a better, more efficient lifestyle. But how long can we keep up this pace, and what is our dependence on technology really doing to us?

    By Rebecca Nakashima

  5. Childhood dreams 3

    As Dreams Grow Up

    What did you want to be when you grew up? The Point asks around about people's childhood dreams and how they may have changed.

    By Brittany Cervantes

  6. Forgotten side of memory

    The Forgotten Side of Memory

    What would life be like if you couldn't remember? More would change than you might even imagine!

    By Kahlie Colwell

  7. Grad meets world 2

    5 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

    Check out our top suggestions for how to work your way into your dream career.

    By Heather Pape

  8. Grad meets world 1

    Grad Meets World

    Dream job or no job? The Point looks at what college students should expect in the work world after graduation.

    By Heather Pape

  9. Color of absence 4

    The Color of Absence: Life After Loss

    We will all at some point lose someone we love, but how we approach the grieving process and life afterwards can be defining.

    By Cassandra Acosta

  10. Victoria Nunez

    See Me, Not My Disability

    The Point talks to some members of our community who encourage you to look past outside appearances.

    By Sarah Huffman