1. Grief

    Dealing With Grief

    Hard things happen all around us - how are we supposed to react?

    By Ashley Jones

  2. Porn Art

    A Thin Line

    A conversation on art and pornography.

    By Karin Hamilton

  3. APU

    Biola/Azusa Lovefest

    They’re Cougars. We’re Eagles. The intense Biola/APU rivalry is inherited the moment a new student steps onto either campus. But when you line up the facts, Biola and APU really aren’t that different. We’re both Christian universities in Southern California. We swap professors. We even share a fondness for the color red. The Eagle recently took a trip to APU to offer Biola’s love. Let’s keep it going.

    By Kelli Shiroma and Alethia Selby

  4. Mohler

    Left Foot First

    “Left foot first, left foot first” can be heard from the living room. A pink support belt and a walker prop the man scooting outside. The questions begin, and Jim and Miriam Mohler tell me their story of how cancer has changed their lives.

    By Bethany Cissel

  5. Social Media

    Digital Detachment

    The Phong Tho district of Vietnam will soon have two new kindergartens thanks to an ordinary guy with a computer, an Internet connection and a vision. These are the times we live in — ones of unprecedented opportunity to enact change.

    By Patricia Diaz

  6. Fashion Day Trip

    The Right Fit

    To many college students, fashion is an abstract idea, like eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep; it just doesn’t always compute. But surprising as it may be to some, the way you dress in certain circumstances actually matters. Whether you envision every social event as an opportunity to strut your stuff, or go for the “just rolled out of bed (literally)” look, there is something for you here! This simple guide is a road map of sorts, to help you navigate through a few social events in which it’s important to dress appropriately.

    By Katie Steslicki

  7. Porn

    Shattering the Facade

    Pornography is all the rage. That’s what Roxxanne Bliss, a bold, blonde 29-year-old adult film star says.

    By Amy Ritter and Amanda Warner

  8. Top 10

    Top Ten: Lost Arts

    The world used to be a simpler place. It was a place where people used handwriting and didn't feel the need to microwave everything they ate. In memory of these lost arts, here are our top ten.

    By Carizza Sioco

  9. Under the Radar

    Before you get comfortable with the familiar faces around campus, check out what these three students did before they arrived at Biola. Here are the stories of a record setter, a chaplain and an unsuspecting pageant winner. Also see the web exclusive story of Stephen Mbogo, who is making a difference in the lives of African orphans.

    By Matt Fier

  10. fashion shoes2

    Dress to Impress

    Ever wondered what to wear to a job interview? Or to that Friday night date? Let us give you some fashion tips on how to dress your best for situations you'll find yourself in at one time or another. Get your copy of The Point on May 11 and 12, 2010!

    By Staci Bell