1. Kelsey1

    Dealing with Disconnect

    Fifty percent of the D.C. population is black, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. At times, riding the Metrorail or the bus, I will find myself the only Caucasian person in sight. The first time this happened, I was startled. As a native Minnesotan, I had never been a racial minority before, and this realization caught me entirely off-guard.

    By Kelsey Osterman

  2. DBC Column

    Dr. Barry H. Corey

    Today, with a Fulbright scholarship, a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. over 5,000 friends on Facebook, and even his own Wikipedia page, few would think it hard for Biola University President Barry Corey, Ph.D. to answer this question. Years ago, though, he wasn’t so sure.

    By Sarah Jean

  3. Bird1

    Echoes of Eden

    English budgies, lineolated parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries populate and color Peggy Burke’s life. Cacophonous chirping and the sound of fluttering wings fill her home so much that we can hear it from the outside.

    By Claire Callway

  4. MelissaEditorNote

    Editor's Note: Spring 2011

    This magazine is really about the amount of attention we pay to ourselves and to others. It is about the idea that it takes time and space not just to be, but also to see and to hear. So get close. Read the stories, spend time with the pictures. Be with them. Existence is not a thing to be earned, but a thing that is there already. All you need to do is make space, take your time, pay attention, and enjoy.

    By Melissa Gutierrez

  5. jonpuls

    Srive for Meaning

    Art Professor Jon Puls describes what drives him to get out of bed in the morning; art, teaching, and creativity.

    By Candance-Arce Lindsay

  6. Sarah

    A Life Well Lived

    International student Sarah Jong, a survivor of what she was told was a terminal disease, now faces another life hardship. Regardless of the pain and struggle happening in her life, she remains passionate and joyful.

    By Candace-Arce Lindsay

  7. AlexSciarra

    Sciarra on the Side

    Freshman cross country and track runner Alexandra Sciarra exemplifies an strong spirit in the face of athletic trials. After competing as one of Biola’s top runners during cross country season and helping the team to a second-place national finish, she came to learn about an injury that has since changed her athletic life.

    By Zachary Fu

  8. staff

    Meet Our Staff

    Spring 2011 has arrived and so has our new Point Magazine staff.

    By Kelsey Heng

  9. Survey

    Point Magazine Survey

    Online survey for The Point Magazine.

    By Staff

  10. Gifting

    Christmas Gifting: Biola Style

    Wondering what to get your fellow Biolans for Christmas? Have no fear, our list is here.

    By Matthew Okada