1. Twitchell hoto

    Kent Twitchell: A Portrait of an Artist

    The 12-story building a few blocks outside of Skid Row seems, because of its age, that it must have stories to tell, but the blacked-out set of double-doors next door to Subway are nondescript. That’s why, when Kent Twitchell lets me in, my jaw nearly drops: Never, from those unassuming doors, would I have guessed that behind them was a cavernous studio space with enough paintings and sketches to fill a wing of the Getty Museum.

    By Bethany Miller

  2. bench

    Repositioned: Stories from the Side

    Any individual in the stands would be quick to label this player a “bench warmer,” or sometimes even just “the bench.” This collegiate player, however, is both the embodiment of hard work in grueling practices, and in many cases, a former high school star — details often overlooked when it’s down to the buzzer and all eyes are on the starting point guard taking the final shot.

    By Zachary Fu

  3. oc

    Bigger House on the Coast

    Cities whose homes average a million-dollar-plus price tag and more than a quarter of households with an income over $200K? Welcome to modern Orange County, and Dave Keehn’s world.

    By Michelle Hong

  4. LA

    Little House on the Heights

    If you have just turned onto Interstate 101 heading north from Biola and are winding through its maze of concrete walls and climbing ivy, veer off onto the Soto St. exit, and you will find yourself dumped into the heterogeneous neighborhood that is Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.

    By Alyson Luthi

  5. bed

    A Reason to Rise

    Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. Everyday fears, anxieties, weariness, and stress make it difficult to leave the comfort and safety of sleep. Still, there is something that coaxes us into action in the morning, into the struggles and triumphs of each day. I asked familiar faces around campus what gets them out of bed in the morning, and their stories show how their experiences get them into each new day.

    By Candace Arce-Lindsay

  6. carriagehouse

    10 in 1: Familiar Faces, One Mile From Campus

    Biola is surrounded by eclectic places that are run by many great individuals. Within one mile, we found ten people we thought you should get to know a little better.

    By Beth Cissel

  7. Matthew


    “To have the rare opportunity to express, “I’m wounded!” is just as dignifying and liberating as saying, “I am well!”

    By Stephen Hernandez

  8. E2


    Whether moving just a few hours away or across an entire country, transitions make life more exciting, but also more difficult.

    By Stephanie Gertsch

  9. AD2

    America Dreaming

    The problem with the “white picket fence” of the American Dream is that it doesn’t let in the pain and the problems — the financial burdens that limit our options, the hidden passions we have that don’t match up with surrounding expectations, the gaps between the ideal and the real that haunt and hinder everyone in the nation.

    By Adrienne Nunley

  10. D2

    In Process

    Discipline. For most, the word means self-denial and willpower: losing sleep to study for an exam, remembering to pay the phone bill on time, or passing by the display case lined with plump swirly-top cupcakes.

    By Sarah Jean