1. Letter from Editor

    A Letter from Your Editor

    Find out the theme behind the Fall 2013 issue.

    By Rebecca Nakashima

  2. More than a Song2

    More than a Song: The Story of Singspiration

    The story of Singspiration through the ages.

    By Brittany Cervantes

  3. As You Are

    As You Are: Freedom from the Personal Fable

    Self-esteem often focuses our attention on what we assume others are thinking about us. But by concerning ourselves less with others and more with God’s Word, perhaps we will inadvertently chip away at this problem of low self-esteem.

    By Kahlie Cowell

  4. Great Expectations 2

    Great Expectations: Growing Into Reality

    In dreary situations, when we have run out of the water we need to cultivate inspiration, creativity is planted.

    By Deborah Kwak

  5. Obsess or Admire

    Obsess or Admire

    Having role models is not inherently wrong, it just depends on how we choose them. It is all about finding the most positive people to look up to, and finding a balance between admiring someone and obsessing over them.

    By Cassie Acosta

  6. Living Frame by Frame2

    Living Frame by Frame

    When we encounter beauty or fun or joy in life, an odd tension often arises between living in the moment and stepping outside the moment as self-spectators bent on capturing a sensation.

    By Thomas Harlander

  7. Made Well2

    Made Well: A Glimpse at the Theology of Fashion

    Can even fashion be a God-ordained area of culture?

    By Kristina Nishi

  8. Commuter Crossing2

    Commuter Crossing

    The distances and lengths students go for their education is usually tied into the fact that they view their time at Biola as precious and valuable.

    By Grace Kim

  9. Outrunning My Shame3

    Outrunning My Shame

    Track athlete, Tayllor Lemphers, shares her powerful story of her journey to see herself as Christ does: valued, worthy and enough.

    By Tayllor Lemphers

  10. Hello, My Name is ESFJ

    Hello, My Name is ESFJ

    Personality tests are meant to act as useful tools for our relationships and career choices, but they aren't supposed to completely define who we are.

    By Heather Pape