1. A Day on the Metro

    Where can you go with a Metro day pass?


  2. From a Single Thread: Turning Passion into Action

    Using our passions to change the world.


  3. Own Your Stuff: Treasuring not Trashing

    Combatting waste and consumerism.


  1. Editor-in-Chief

    A Letter from Your Editor

    Find out about the theme of the Spring 2014 issue.

    By Rebecca Nakashima

  2. Separation of Church and State2

    The Intersection of Sacred and State

    Christians can justifiably be either a Democrat or a Republican. It all boils down to who is in charge of what issues - the church or the state.

    By Heather Pape

  3. Eyes to Behold2

    Eyes to Behold

    Anytime we closely analyze the meaning of the beauty around us, God himself is more fully revealed to us.

    By Augusta McDonnell

  4. Urban and Local Missions

    To the Ends of the City

    Our automatic reaction should not always be to serve overseas and forget that the local mission field has the same need for the gospel.

    By Nicole Miller

  5. Serving After Service2

    Serving After Service

    Let’s get involved and stop treating church like a Sunday morning show, becoming givers rather than consumers.

    By Kathryn Toombs

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